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It is a well-known fact that our planet is in great danger as human population and their consumption and needs are growing every second and just not so long ago we realized that "great new world" invention called Plastic will invade our world.

78 million tonnes of plastic packaging produced in the world every year, of which 2% gets recycled into the same quality of plastic and the rest leaks into environment it is something that scares me greatly.

That is where I try to reduce my plastic use as much as I can and it took me a lot of time and energy to find solutions for my everyday product substitutes to have as much zero plastic lifestyle as possible.

Shop Tellus is basically a list of products that me & Steve use and I just wanted to share them with everyone that try their best to reduce their waste.

Origin of Products

All products are stocked and shipped from France.

Most of cosmetics are made by me at home using local products.

As we lived in Asia for quite a bit most of bamboo, textile production comes from there. All products are tested and retested by us to make sure what we offer is best quality and does not include any plastic packaging. 

Environment friendly

Everything starting from production to packaging is is in thought of environment. We never put packaging list or product description booklet in parcels. Product description page will have all the information needed for you to know materials and how to use the product.

Please do not throw away packaging box as it can reused to send your package later.

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