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Sailing Tellus
We are a Lithuanian and French couple currently living in French Riviera with the dream of circumnavigating the globe with a catamaran sailing boat. We were working in the yachting industry for the past 4 years from 2014 until 2018 until we decided to focus on our project sailing TELLUS (Latin word meaning “Earth”).

We invite you to share with us our adventures of learning, exploring and making our project "Sailing Tellus" where through our videos we hope to inspire to explore, seek alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness.

Our journey of reducing waste is quite new but more we get into to it, more changes we want to make. When we started it was an overwhelming process of searching ways and finding solutions for new lifestyle and that is how this shop came to life.

Here we share products that we use daily (some are bought and some made by Emma) and we hope that our discoveries can ease some of your struggles when trying to live a zero waste life. Moreover in the future our goal is through our travels to find more people that make natural goods from their local products to add to our shop for everybody's use.

With Love,

Emma & Steve

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