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Safety Razor

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Don't you feel that we need look back in time in order to see what products to use to be zero waste. "Back to The Basics" safety razon is exactly it! Inspired by tradition but tailored to modern needs.

  • Singe blade with minimal exposure and sitting close to the razor head, to offer a low aggressiveness level - while still maintaining the efficiency.
  • A long handle: because we need to reach far for all our body parts.
  • A finely chiseled handle to give you a good grip while you shave in your shower.
  • A closed comb to ensure a good guard against cuts and an easy glide on your skin.
  • A heavy weight and perfect balance so you only have to let it glide on your skin. 

When you know that this little gem is not only better for the planet, but also for your skin and for your wallet, you will ask why you haven't tried earlier 


  • Razon Length: 11.5cm
  • Material: Brass
  • Package includes: Razor, Travel Case for it and 5 blades


How to use? 


  1. For underarms and bikini, make sure you prepare to shave hairs that are not too long. Trim hairs so they are around half centimeter long.
  2. Exfoliate in order to smooth the skin by removing dead cells. It will also help raise hairs off of the skin.
  3. Always shave wet and warm. Wait the end of a hot shower or bath to shave. If possible, chose a moment where you are not in rush. Relax, it’s your me-time.


  1. Apply a shaving cream, shaving oil or any soap. This will let the blade glide on your skin without obstacle. It’s also the best way to see where you shaved already so you don’t have to go twice. For shaving a beard, make sure you cover the entire hair down to the skin to soften everything. 
  2. Do not apply pressure. That could cause the blade to remove the top layer of your skin.
  3. Use a gentle angle (30°) between the blade and the skin for maximum efficiency
  4. Do not stretch your skin too much. Only slightly stretch if you need to make your skin flatter in some areas.
  5. Try to go only one stroke per area. Too many strokes will damage the dermal (the top layer of your skin).
  6. If you have highly sensitive skin, shave downward following the direction of your hair, instead of backward like we are used to do.


  1. Pat dry and avoid rubbing. That could create friction and irritation to your skin
  2. Moisturize with your usual cream, coconut oil or fresh aloe vera
  3. Rinse and dry your razor (to make it last a lifetime) and the razor blade (if you plan to reuse it)

And voilà! 





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Safety Razor

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