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Bamboo EarPick

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In Asia, the ear cure is widely used and occupies a prominent place in utensils related to facials.

Made of bamboo wood, their lifespan is very long and they are reusable to infinity therefore much more ecological than disposable cotton swabs.

The colored tip allows to differentiate the earwig of each member of the family. If you order several, we will make sure to select different colors.


  • Length: 12cm
  • Materials: Bamboo handle, synthetic string

How to Use

How to use?

The use, even if it requires taking a few precautions, is not complicated in itself.

Place your forefinger on the front of the ear-pick and gently scour your ear in a smooth, smooth motion. Remove it gently by bringing in the earwax.

Recommended to use 1 to 2 times a week.

Be sure to isolate yourself from any agitation so that you do not risk being jostled when you are cleaning your ear.

Care Instructions: Clean with soap and water and pat dry with a towel. Disinfect with alcohol.

Note: This used only to remove the earwax at the entry of the ear. It does not push the ear wax back into the canal, but it scoops little bits of wax each time of use. Be sure not to go too far. Carefully scrape the side of the ear canal with the scoop. Not suitable for children.

Eco Facts

It’s estimated that 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds are used in England each year. Around 10 per cent are flushed down toilets, ending up in waterways and oceans, adding to the 150 million-plus tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans.


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Bamboo EarPick

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