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Wool Laundry Balls. Do you need them and do they work?

Wool Laundry Balls. Do you need them and do they work?

Wool Dryer Balls

We all know that the most eco friendly way of drying clothes is air drying them and of course nothing beats doing your laundry old fashioned way. However since winter season is here, drying your clothes outdoors is out of the picture and if you do not have enough space in your home to hang all your clothes there is no harm to turn to tumble dryer for the rescue.

I love my dryer and I love how my towels and sheets are so soft after using it. Moreover have you ever tried drying your sheets and towels at the anchor on the boat? Even if you are at the Caribbean is nearly impossible to make them really dry... so I am definitely getting one of 2-1 washing drying machines once we get a boat.

Laundry Balls

So why do you need those wool laundry balls?

Dryer balls have been around for quite some time and people have been using them for years as an eco-friendly and natural alternative to both dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. I discovered them a year ago (before was not really thinking of any waste issues and using single use dryer sheets...) and it was actually a fast purchase without really reading into it. Now after using them all the time I must say that they are amazing and here is why:

  • Cutting drying time. I must say I haven't noticed significant drying time difference but it does take 1/8 times shorter (at least for me).
  • No chemicals. Just when I started to be more cautious about things I am using, I realized how much chemicals single use dryer sheets contain! Wool drying balls are made of of natural wool and nothing else. I just put some essentials oils on them and they make my towels and sheets smell amazing.
  • Getting rid of single use dryer sheets(!!!). It's been a year and I still use same 6 balls that I started with and they don't seem to have changed. Normally it should last 2-4 years but that all depends how much laundry you do and on what materials you wash. So I am happy to reduce my waste.
  • Wool dryer balls help to soften fabrics when used in the dryer. Its not that you don't need to iron your clothes after all but it definitely leaves less wrinkles on your clothes.
  • Dryer balls can even take care of static cling. Just spray the dryer balls with a bit of water before throwing them into the dryer. This elevates the humidity level in the dryer and should remove any static. Also. you can also pin a safety pin into one of the dryer balls and let the metal diffuse the static.
  • No need to untangle your sheets anymore. Maybe it was just me but I always had tangled sheets in drying which resulted in not drying properly and having either put them on second cycle or air dry them somewhere. After using laundry balls I do not have same issue anymore.

Laundry wool balls

And that is about it regarding laundry balls. If you prefer to air dry your laundry and you have enough space to do it by all means continue doing it as I mentioned at the beginning there is no more eco friendly way and no better why than doing that. If you are like me that air dries most of the clothing but cant live without tumble drying when it comes to towels and sheets, I would recommend trying these drying balls.

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