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Reusing Used Toothbrush Handles

Reusing Used Toothbrush Handles

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends changing your toothbrush every two-three months so its more than obvious that we should use something that is biodegradable instead of plastic but do not rush to compost your toothbrush after it provided you with its main purpose.  

First this first you need to get rid of those bristles as for this moment biodegradable bristles do not exist (correct me if I am wrong) and they are made from nylon and it can biodegrade but needs high temperature and specific compost.

So for the time being once you used your toothbrush for 2-3 months it is a good idea to use it as a cleaning tool for tight corners and once bristles wear out just simply remove them with pliers.

Once bristles are gone, second life of your toothbrush handle begins! Few examples how to reuse it in pictures:

 1. Soap tray

 2. Gardening Marker


3. Barbecue kindling

Why to compost it when you can actually use it as a barbecue kindling?

Any more ways you can think we can reuse it? Please leave a comment below

With Love,

Miss Tellus

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