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Where my Zero waste journey begun

Where my Zero waste journey begun

Hi everyone! My name is Emma (actual Lithuanian name is Emilija but since many french people don't consider my silent J and pronounce my name wrong I have shorten it) and I would like to tell you about how I came to this idea of living a zero waste life 🌱 

This "lifestyle" came to me when traveling in Colombia and Mexico. Seeing the gap between indigenous people that live in a harmony of nature and modern people who destroy it made me realize that we are doing it all wrong. 

First part that this trip gave me is my overconsumption and overbuying things. It  was a first trip in my life when we travelled for nearly 2 months and I only had my bag pack which scared me at first (I was a heavy packer, I would still take high heels if going to the jungle, just in case...) but after coming back with the same backpack and realizing that I still had clothes in there that I did not wear(!!!) I felt so overwhelmed looking at my full walk in closet and thinking "ok this needs to stop".

First things that I did was creating lists and looking at my daily life differently. Picking everything that I own and questioning whether I really need it and then making a plan what to do with things I did not need. Some I sold, some I gave away and some are still on stand by (work in progress).

Second part was a waste that I create and to be honest I have not realized it until seeing it on other people and for this I have to be thankful for our trip to Mexico.

Many people are fascinated by nature and nomad living of Tulum which for me was the quiet opposite. For sure it was one the most beautiful places that I have ever been to but I was...hmm I think correct word would be shocked by hotels, tourism and how people like to go to places just to have same comfort as they have in their homes.

Tulum advertises itself as being eco friendly but truth to be told I did not see this eco friendly lifestyle when you pass hotel after the hotel, restaurant after restaurant and cars that are parked fully on both sides of the road while you are standing in a traffic in the middle of the jungle.

I wont get to much into it now but yes after seeing all of this, that is where my zero waste thoughts came into place. Once I got back I started to question everything that was creating waste and starting to find ways to avoid it. First was the kitchen, then bathroom than everything else. And as with minimizing my consumption in my wardrobe same thing is minimizing my waste - it is still work in progress but progress that keeps on advancing.

Not to forget I would like to thank our eco vegan friends that came to travel with us  in Colombia and were a huge part of me seeing ways of eco living and also answering some stupid questions and always encouraging a change even if it a small one. Lena and Sean you will always be my inspiration.

That is the short version of how things started and I hope to release a video soon talking about this trip.

With Love,


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