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DIY - Natural Solid Deodorant

DIY - Natural Solid  Deodorant
There are many reasons to stop using supermarkets offered deodorants and 2 main reasons are:
  • Chemicals that they contain that can lead to some pretty serious health issues when absorbed through the skin. Some chemicals placed on your skin can be even more dangerous than if you ingested them orally.
  • Packaging that can't be reused.

To be on the safer side you can buy deodorants and antiperspirants labeled organic but you still have to check labeling as some questionable ingredients might be in the mix.

On the other hand you can use some easy ingredients that can be found in any household:

  • Baking soda - naturally occurring mineral that is effective flighting odor of sweat. Just mix it with water and put under your armpits. You can also add cornstarch to help with the wetness.
  • Lemon juice - the citric acid in lemon juice can kill odor-causing bacteria. Just swipe slice of lemon under armpits.
  • Rubbing alcohol - kills odor-causing bacteria.
  • Deodorant stones - natural product which is basically crystals of potassium aluminum sulfate. However not suitable if you want aluminum-free product.
  • Home made deodorants that internet is full of!

And today I would like to present my receipt which is very easy to make with the ingredients that you have at home.

You will need (for substitutes read below):

  • 30g - Shea Butter (prevents pore blockages)
  • 15g - Candelilla Wax (helps to keep it solid)
  • 30g - Coconut Oil (contains lauric acid, a fatty acid known to kill bacteria)
  • 65g - Baking Soda (fighting odor)
  • 65g - Corn starch (helps with wetness)
  • 10 drops - Essential Oil
  • 2 drops - Vitamin E - antioxidant

Just put butter, wax and coconut oil in water bath to melt it. Once melted remove from heat and mix in soda and corn starch. Add antioxidant and essential oil. put in in the jars or in forms as once it's cold it will be solid and doesn't really need packaging.

Optional ingredients that I put: 

  • Candelilla Wax - I put since I travel with my deodorant and with wax it keep it solid. If you do not want to use it just add 15g of Coconut Oil.
  • Essential Oils - normally I put Palmarosa but since I ran out I put Levander for its inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin E - Normally its really unnecessary but since I made 3 jars and it might take me some time to use it all i added it in.


  • You can use any natural butter instead of Shea Butter.
  • You can use beeswax instead of Candelilla wax just double the norm (in this case would have been 30g)
  • If you have sensitive skin use white clay instead of baking soda.
  • Cornstarch can be replaced with arrowroot.

You do not really need pot and jars to use it but with hotter climates it does tend to liquify so I use aluminum jars to avoid liquid disaster and just melt it with my fingers before applying it.

Happy using!

With love,

Miss Tellus

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